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tv   Headline News  RT  September 6, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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al qaida leader rebels besiege an ancient christian village in syria with panicked residents are unable to flee and desperately calling on the army for help. day two at the g twenty follows hours of intense assyria debate which saw a deep divide over america's war plan without a u.n. permission. and a national insecurity agency britain and the u.s. have been waging an undercover war on internet in fiction and digital scrambling as fresh leads a show they can hack into even the most protected systems. live
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from moscow you're watching r t with me to say it's good to have you with us this morning. all kind of linked to rebels have attacked a christian village in syria home to one of the world's oldest monasteries the army has secured much of the township but residents say radical opposition fighters have seized nearby hills and are firing indiscriminately at the community and our correspondent in damascus maria for national reports. i tried to go to my little village shortly after we heard that the clashes erupted there and it's just one hour drive from damascus north of the capital but we were stopped by the army and warned that it could be a one way ticket because first of all the road from damascus to milo is not safe but even if we're lucky enough to get. to the village the clashes still continue there and the rar still snipers who are active on the ground so the situation is very dangerous so it's better not to go there as we were told we're hearing that
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the fighting is between the army and the militants mostly from. al qaeda affiliated groups fighting here in syria. against the regime of bashar assad but mostly for their own radical islamic state and it's known it's believed to be the best armed most successful and at the same time the most aggressive opposition force here in syria and it's listed as a terrorist organization by the you when u.s. and some other members of the international community and we can see that the tactics were also. very similar to those that terrorists all around the world use we know that. early on wednesday suicide bomber struck a checkpoint at the entrance of my little village and after a car exploded at the checkpoint the militants of just stormed and we have online
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and i hope you can see it right now showing the rebels. the. residents have been telling media that the same day the militants managed to take over a mountain top sophia hotel and they been firing from that strategic point what we know is that a village is a very special play. not only speaking. in terms of syrian reality but internationally speaking it is home to an orthodox trying for century catholic church and dozens of more sex so it's a religious heritage is very soul that it was protected by the government and it was what we saw during this crisis respected by the rebels but after this recent attack of course the whole christian community not only here in syria but all over the world was shaken and let's not listen to one another on. the
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managed to speak from latoya care what she says about the situation and about the fears of the christian minority here in syria. how can the international community ignore the brutal killing screen look. the shift in the target affected five hundred people including children and women and all the people in the villages trevor they massacred all the residents and burned down the houses in another village almost all of the so to seven locals were killed only ten people were able to escape twelve alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack it was a true slaughter house people who were mutilated and beheaded there is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive with the so far well it's worth to mention that malula has very troubled neighbors another village of brood center of smuggling
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here in syria just twenty minutes drive from my little homes the city known as the percent of the question is one hundred kilometers away from lula but we are hearing from some free syrian army members that from some opposition members that the idea of attacking this village was to clear the road from the city of homs in central syria to damascus because this really. was the only one not taken nor. touched by the rebels but these are just rumors and it's very hard to confirm. another day of intensive brainstorming i hate to add to the g twenty summit in st petersburg it's also a fresh chance to seek some common ground after day one saw the syrian crisis split leaders of the world's top economies into two rival camps.
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right around a half of the g twenty members has said no to america's intention to strike syria without the un's go ahead washington accuses damascus of using chemical weapons in the more than two years a long war but its arguments are fail to convince all let's go live now to st petersburg for the details with the a yet to share skews the hysteria was not on the official g twenty agenda but clearly became the main made talking point here now how have these discussions been playing out the instant petersburg amongst leaders. it's unprecedented that leaders of the united states and russia have no official meeting during a g. twenty summit it's unprecedented that the leader of the host nation of the summit calls on all the member states to include a political and diplomatic issue into its economic agenda so yes syria has definitely been a game changer here at the g. twenty summit in st petersburg even the dinner which was held last night which all
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the members of all the presidents of the g. twenty member states attended which is usually about having fun relaxing having a chill talk and enjoying the delicacies was seemingly looking more like a heated debate with heated political and diplomatic debate on the future of syria obviously we have no official statement from that dinner it was behind closed doors with no cameras inside but we had some information from the spokesperson of the russian president said that indeed syria was talking the agenda of the guardian and the countries the g twenty member states have been split in their opinions on the future of syria in almost fifty to fifty ratio obviously of syria has been important here in st petersburg and the even the fact alone that the u.n. special envoy mr brahimi took an emergency flight to st petersburg to discuss the syrian conflict with obama and putin speaks volumes as to how syria has changed the agenda of the summit and i see what do we know about it who is for and who is
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against. this intervention that the u.s. wants to meet. we are certainly waiting for an official joint statement from the g twenty countries as a result of the summit later on during the day but we can basically based on speculate on the statements coming from some officials on these countries we can see who is for and who is against the strike now russia's and china's positions have been the same and they have stayed and change they are opposing any kind of military action against syria just as to some extent germany and italy who did not openly say they stand against the intervention just syria the military action against syria but they said they would not participate in this kind of war now also brazil mexico who are known to have somewhat of a ties with the united states recently over the revelations by edward snowden it is expected that they would also not support any kind of action against syria i mean
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also we had statements from the un secretary-general ban ki-moon who said that the geneva convention must be held as soon as possible and he said that the only way to resolve the syrian crisis is by peaceful diplomatic means the same position was voiced by the pulpit as well as the head of the european commission mr burroughs who also said that the peaceful solution is the only solution and solution it's very interesting here in that respect because but also a statement signal somewhat of a schism within the european union as well because seven of the european member states european union member states have been supporting the strike against syria those are denmark romania creation of turkey a lot to be of poland and we also know that the canadian prime minister also supports the strike against syria obviously we have will have more on that to come during the day will have a press conference off around four pm local time as well as i said the joint
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declaration by the g twenty presidents so obviously we'll see what they have to say on syria as the result of this summit wow so much of going on and so little information coming out of the leaders there lexy at a chef at the g. twenty summit in st petersburg giving us the latest on really what the leaders are discussing be. china says a strike against syria will not only violate the country's seventy but also be a disaster for the global economy the director of the center for control at china's institute of international studies outlined beijing stands to r.t. china worst criticize in the in the pasta two and a half years since the very beginning of the syria crisis by their western countries i don't think you know about muslim issues in words very happy in the position or the you know the attitude taken by the chinese government or the un
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security council you know we we todas several resolutions proposed by the u.s. side and so i think this is our presuppose we are were foreign affairs foreign policy diplomacy so we have a two week for the final result of the international inspection team the use of chemical weapons in syria. the us not only failed to get anywhere near a unanimous nod for its war plan for syria at the g twenty it's also struggling to convince its own lawmakers and the public that the strike is necessary even usually staunch allies like britain parliament paul cold water on prime minister cameron's drive to help the americans. got a piece of the looks as to whether there is actually enough proof to back the bombing the intelligence services of the us france and britain have all presented
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reports suggesting it was the syrian authorities who used chemical weapons on august twenty first so let's look at their arguments open source reports are presented among the key evidence by all three services instead of being trucked safely in their beds at home we saw rows of troops. lying side by side sprawled on a hospital floor open sources are actually videos on you tube and social networks this brings us to the second arguments presented once again unilaterally its knowledge of previous chemical attacks allegedly conducted by the assad regime un experts however still haven't been able to agree on whether or not chemical weapons were deployed during the conflict in syria and why which side now argument number three washington paris and london claim intensified fire in the area of the alleged attack is another sign the authorities were behind it this way they allegedly tried
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destroying the evidence now finally the fourth key argument presented by all three is that the rebels are simply incapable of using chemical weapons there is no credible intelligence or other evidence to substantiate the claim all the position of chemical weapons by just position earlier the u.n. said it had evidence suggesting otherwise so it's pretty clear the arguments are completely of the same but interestingly the reaction is the cause in these countries are not the governments amendment does not mention compelling evidence against president assad i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representatives in congress i'm waiting for an answer from cannot act on its own so as washington waits for congress paris for washington and london has dropped out altogether u.s. senators are set to make a decision on the issue next week. meanwhile russia has presented findings of from
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its experts who looked into another chemical attack which killed twenty six people near aleppo in march their report suggests that a rebel groups were behind the attack that here's why the shells carrying the substance was apparently similar to homemade devices previously made by rebel groups in addition the shells detonator was not what's normally used for standard chemical munitions the findings also indicate soil and shell samples contain the nerve agent sarin which was a not of any industrial standard u.k. counterterrorism intelligence officer charles machine bridge says it shatters the argument that the us our government's only has such weapons. the u.k. based opposition supporting body the syrian observatory for human rights. most of those killed in the attack reported. that syrian army soldiers which suggest that it was a syrian army accident that the russian findings now tend to show or suggest. that
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in fact this was an attack carried out by syria's rebels but it doesn't suit the agenda and the narrative by britain. the u.s. and france in its intelligence assessments the only really evidence. that has been put forward to support this strike possibly. is that syria's. cannot and do not have the capability to produce chemical weapons and. for the attack did russian report the. point toward. possibly. could israel's idea of protection plan b. a step. to battle identity theft but privacy campaigners worry about the government potentially having all sorts of faces and prints. and. every. dr.
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report on how that's going down in the. mission to teach me. dramas that try to ignore a true. story others cubes in the to. fix a strange world right. to picture. from
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around the globe. dr. thanks thanks for staying with us here on our team an army of supercomputers covered work with the internet companies and technical trickery this is a force that's a lot of america's n.s.a. and britain's a g c h q two quick injury any encryption system they wanted to get access to the sensitive personal data of millions of uses i is emerged from the latest edward snowden leak which says online banking and even medical records have apparently been breached now chris the kids who establish an encrypted secure
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service says it's a lobbying who can potentially get their hands on such information. it's not only industrial espionage think about the value of you know how many people have access to this huge treasure trove of data there are one point four million people in the u.s. you have top secret clearances are all those people in jobs i don't think so so you have the issue of who has access to this data and mr snowden was able to get quite a bit of it so you know he's obviously he's not alone there are at least thousand to probably tens of thousands of other people who do it what's valuable for for political blackmail it's hugely valuable if you had all these private conversations from a political opponent think what you could do you win every election this is basically something that's completely worldwide and you know you should assume that it's anywhere if you're anywhere in the world and you're using something electronic that someone is looking getting
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a mock shot and you'll fingerprints taken usually means you've been up to no good in israel day it's being used to combat id forwards but not everyone is happy that the government's planning to hold biometric in full every citizen is a middle east correspondent. for sixty days you have moans every move was watched by the names of fifty cameras and the eyes of complex fans of israel's version of big brother contestants of the hit show often complain it feels like the lives are owned by the viewers but for you of that really happened off to be from the house when his identity was stolen. a couple of weeks ago i received a phone call from the police at first i thought i was being pranked but then i realised it was very real they directed somebody who'd been stealing i.d.'s he'd also stolen mine and opened many bank accounts with it a week later i received a letter from a mobile company asking me to pay thousands of shekels. and it's exactly because of like this that television says it wants to pull out all the stops to protect its
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citizens but many complain it's now going step too far the technology is nothing new you put your finger here and then you look into this camera and it all gets recorded but what has people up in arms is the fact that all this information is going to be recorded in one governmental database that may not be one hundred percent secure the cost in privacy terms and in financial terms of giving your finger and your face to the government is too heavy it creates a risk a risk that the database will lead or be used against you by corrupt individuals or corrupt civil servants the to your pilot is asking citizens to voluntarily scan their faces and fingerprints once the information is collected it will be accessible without a court order to the police and security forces when there is a court order the entire daughter base could then be transferred to other agencies including foreign bodies and the film which would involve. nineteen eighty-four is
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ancient history compared to this there is another side five book called my name is legion in the book all of the people were categorized by the government we are getting closer to the future if not in this generation than in the next one baby's d.n.a. could be taken upon birth. if successful the national biometric database will become compulsory. every person who uses facebook or social networks gives away biometric information we're tired in those photos we give away our locations we give our biometric information to private companies and no one thinks it's a big deal for some reason there's a bad reaction when it's the state that the state will use the information to protect us so we need to take this into consideration. but even you have who thought nothing about having dozens of cameras follow his every move in the big brother house is against it. i don't know who will see this information how it will
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be used the government will know everything about me and where i am. something many argue is already the reality you don't need to be in the big brother house to live in a big brother world policy r.t. we shall not see on israel. workers at the world's largest retailer lessing out to us supermarket giant wal-mart is at the planet's of the biggest private employer but stock say they did a decent and minimum wage some were arrested at rallies we've got this story and our t. dot com. and rochelle will host a wonderful olympics the words of the i.o.c. president who's given the so she preparations is wholehearted seal of approval on a website how excitement over the winter games is heating up. right to see. her street. and i think her trip.
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on our reporters were very. instrumental. in the. if you're a driver in the u.k. you should make the most of your time when no one in your car before the european commission sits in there with you and wants to install an automatic foot on the brake in every vehicle for when motorists a breach of the speed limit is artie's point a boycott on brussels backseat driving plan. got a need for speed of fancy yourself as a bit of a petrol head perhaps well lawmakers in brussels of thinking of ways to slow you down the european union wants to improve its road safety record and they're coming up with innovative new ways to do it the latest proposal fitting all cars with a technology that would read a road speed limits and automatically slam on the brakes if you go over it so in
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the u.k. that would mean a limit of seventy miles per hour and matter how big your engine is so we decided to find out what some of the members of london's ferrari owner's club think about the idea of the fun out of drawing wouldn't a car isn't that either i would have got this one at the moment but i have got various other classics and it would just take the fun of the whole scenario thing it's something disappointing for everyone if somebody saw for me but it's like going to vince on congo so many different cars so if some of them are applying. the new technology i'll be ok but on the special in the sense of control cause you know for sure i think you some people sleep because if they if they realize that they're being controlled by speed the forget to drive they'll forget to be aware so poor drivers will just simply cause more actions even though they're going this quickly so if people are so worried about people not being able to make the right judgment then we need better education not draconian rules where one size fits all
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they're exempt to that law that we can't you don't. have an outspoken car on the proposal hasn't gone down well with the case transport secretary either he says that forcing cars to break or semantically has got big brother written all over it and that britain already ranks amongst the top in europe for its very safety record. what's more what's nice about experts say that sometimes the driver needs to be able to speed up we want to point collisions and tricky situations. playboy. marty london. let's look now at some more international headlines and pitch the battles of broken homes in the chilean capital after tens of thousands of students marched to demand universal education access at least three protesters were wounded and more than fifty arrested as police used water cannon to disperse the crowds in santiago students have been holding large rallies for two years
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calling for chile's expensive education system to be made free. egypt's interim interior minister rather has survived an assassination attempt after a blast in cairo ripped through his convoy mohammed ibrahim escaped unhurt twenty two people were taken to hospital including ten policemen and a young boy the muslim brotherhood quickly condemned the attack in a way that makes it to the bombings. a u.s. drone strike near a town on pakistan's border with afghanistan has killed at least seven suspected militants pakistan intelligence officials us a missile hit a sprawling compound used as a hideout by terrorists america's drone program has resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths in recent years raising considerable tension with islamabad. the big tough question is unplayable of fed's next in the world a pox. iraq
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afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements and airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is a possible i'm not good at predicting the future but i can say is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war in the petro dollars so if the us backs down here won't could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china if you haven't noticed nato has been
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trying to encircled these nations and had russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its own self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they voted to counterattack for their own self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion. summit for showdown as g twenty leaders meet in st peter's. top of the agenda is obama's drive to strike syria his coalition of the willing is weak and divided. staunchly against any military strike be remembered as
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a last step before still another disastrous western intervention in the arab world . more than a century later this is yet to be. what is its place in the world well. joined by miss universe two thousand and twelve. thank you very much for your time. how would you define beauty. beauty is defined by something that is not only outward i really think that being beautiful is making other people feel whatever way you can and i think that you can achieve just by being pretty. you can give to others.


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